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Deduction: road trips - the true cost of lower-cost gas

The TN Department of Homeland Security, in conjunction

The true cost of lower-cost gasoline is very detrimental to my health. It comes to my attention that driving all day does not help you with steps and walking credits for maintaining your fitness streak. So ends my streak.


Am I being force into — CurrentC™

The TN Department of Homeland Security, in conjunction

Has anyone noticed the billing for some of you credit cards has gone to Synchrony Bank? 👀

Funny thing here is the ones that have change to Synchrony Bank are seem to be MCX members.

I'm a thinking that this just might tie into CurrentC™


"Secure transactions and customer data storage"

"Safeguard every customer transaction through industry-leading security and technology."

Is this not this outfit that was in Testing about a year ago that was Hacked ??? 😜

All the eMail Address Lost to the Hack 💩



America just might get it's balls back!

The TN Department of Homeland Security, in conjunction

So maybe now will get rid of this political correctness PC BS 💩 that's been in power for the last 30 plus years.

Just maybe Americans Will Now be known to have balls again. 💪💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏿

To quote bellow ......

To find out, I called Janet Roberts, 69, a nurse in Bellville, Ohio, who participated in last week’s Bloomberg Politics poll and supported Trump ("He has the balls to stand up to the career politicians"). She had agreed to give me her reaction immediately after.

Trump rants and raves in language that upsets and scandalizes the establishment. In return, his fans annoy the elite know-it-alls by rallying to him anyway. Together, they raise a big middle finger to everyone. That’s the art of the deal.

Joshua Green is a contributor to Bloomberg Politics.


450 Mile Yard Sale.

The TN Department of Homeland Security, in conjunction

Traffic report: just like every year it's all backed up because of the Hwy127, 450 Mile Yard Sale.
But this year I'm sitting in a dry house as others out there are getting WET.
Sure next year will go back to selling treasures, also known as one man's junk is another man's treasure.
Y'all keep dry and B-Safe.


It's too early to choose sides, but

I know it's way too early to choose sides for the 2016 election. I found myself favoring Donald Trump. But now with this revelation (see pic) of Hillary grabbing Bigfoot as a running mate, I have no other choice but to go to her camp.

Hey Donald, use some of your money and get Bigfoot on your side, then I'll be back.


MY Freedoms are falling short.

MY Freedom is falling short


The Flag

Now let me understand this. Were taking down one flag and replacing it with another.