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It's too early to choose sides, but

I know it's way too early to choose sides for the 2016 election. I found myself favoring Donald Trump. But now with this revelation (see pic) of Hillary grabbing Bigfoot as a running mate, I have no other choice but to go to her camp.

Hey Donald, use some of your money and get Bigfoot on your side, then I'll be back.


MY Freedoms are falling short.

MY Freedom is falling short


The Flag

Now let me understand this. Were taking down one flag and replacing it with another.


Abduct Me Today

It.s Alien Abduction Day. So Clamp on your Foil Hat and let's Go.

The world's oldest and largest research website into the Alien Abduction and UFO experience.


So enjoy the day in your UFO travels to the other worlds.

March 20 is Alien Abduction Day


My favorite phrase


🚀 My Favorite Phrase 👽



That's how I buy Wine!

This is how I Buy Wine also!

“For most of us, wine remains a big mystery,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney. “Making a selection at a wine store is a daunting task that usually comes down to just two decisions: red or white and what price you’re willing to pay. Then you just choose the wine with the prettiest label.”

Pic from FB and you give up all rights when posting Pic's even when you delete you account!


A True Tennesse WeekEnd

A True Tennesse WeekEnd or should I say how to keep warm.

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