I was discovered along the side of a dusty dirt road just outside of Roswell, NM in the spring of 1947. A few years later, a nice couple from a Great Place on a Great Lake, came down to the orphanage (government installation, also known as "Area 51") and relocated me to their home in the Midwest.

   I lived the life of a normal child playing with the other human type children. When the time came to enter the work force I blended in for the most part. Chousing to work in the electrical field of traffic control and communications, also working on the side with computers, it was the only way I could contact the motherland.

   After a period of time I found myself fascinated with a TV show, the Beverly Hillbillies. They seemed like Nice Folks down thar, so I packed up and move to the land of bubbling crude and the "Tennessee Tranquilizer" (moonshine)

Y'all come back now, ya hear?