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I'm Being Held Hostage to Heat My Home (Propane Gas)

I use propane to heat my home here in Tennessee. I do a prepay plan.  June of 2013 I paid $1.189.30 for 700 Gal Booked @ $1.69. 

On Jan 1st 2014 I need a tank fill. United Propane Gas came out and did a fill. Well only 250 gallons, that's only 62% fill of the normal 80%. They claimed we can only give you 250 gallons, Rationing. You can get more propane in Feb.

We it's now almost Feb.  So we called.   Suprise ......

Do to some BS story of this month. We have to charge you $3.09 per gallon this is $628.17 for 200 gallons.  So do you want your gas? Sure I said, you have me by the balls.

So now I look at the bill and it's for a new $628.17, that's correct  a new bill and they are not using any of the  monies they have in my account ($736.53)

Now this takes some Real Balls to charge me $628.17 when they have $736.53 of my monies.

Complaints against United Propane Gas mount

Propane customers feel gouged by company

Kentucky restraining order (PDF)

Here is how "the Google"  search comes back ....  What a crock  .....

upgas | Welcome to United Propane Gas

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4201 Cairo Rd, Paducah, KY 42001
(270) 442-5557



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