Photovoltic 1.65 kW Solar Residential System Installed Dec 2010

2011 (as of Dec 31st) Our Total Power Generation $465.69   (2289 kW)

2012 (as of Dec 31st) Our Total Power Generation $711.99   (3295 kW)

(Now 5.01 kW Upgraded - Installed Sept 20th 2012)

2013 (as of Dec 31st) Our Total Power Generation $1363.86   (6344 kW)

2014 (as of Dec 31st) Our Total Power Generation $1475.18   (6777 kW)

2015 (as of Dec 31st) Our Total Power Generation $1343.57   (6203 kW)

2016 (as of Dec 31th) Our Total Power Generation $1268.76   (5833 kW)

2017 (as of Dec 31st) Our Total Power Generation $1013.66   ( 4628kW)

2018 (as of Dec 31st) Our Total Power Generation $0736.65   ( 3347kW)

2019 (as of July 01st) Our Total Power Generation $0333.07   ( 1515kW)

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Phase 0 ...

         Improve the Performance of Your Building, FIRST!

                      "Insulate and Seal"

 Every Dollar Spent will be reflected in Reduced Operating Costs.

Solar empowers the consumer and the individual, it has become a national security issue for our country.

 Get TED Now!
and save energy

Census Division           Average Monthly             Average Retail Price            Average Monthly Bill

   State of                  Consumption (kWh)       (Cents per Kilowatthour)         (Dollar and cents)

 Tennessee                      1,248                                 9.32                                 $116.35


. . Phase 1 ... Fall of 2010

 Location: 467 Lawson Road. Crossville, TN

Size: 1.65 kW Grid tied Photovoltaic Solar System

Installed by:
Owner with a few helping hands. Our son Kevin, CSEA members Steve L & Mike F, and Friends Dave & Brandon.  Advisors: SimpleEnergyWorks & Zuercher Electric, both based here in Crossville, Cumberland county, Tennessee.

Grid Tied:
Yes, participating in the TVA Green Generation Partners program.

Production Estimates:
PVWatts []  or  Our pvWatts testing page 2189 kWh of AC Energy per year. View actual real time [] production (live during daylight hours, also shows the complete history of energy production from the time the PV system began). Also shown at the bottom of this page.

Array Type: Fixed, Array Tilt: 26.5° (a 6/12 roof).  Array Azimuth: 180.0° (due South),
DC Rating: 1.645 kW, AC Rating:1.4 kW.
The system is using 7 Enphase M190 Microinverters and 7 Schott Poly 235 watt modules.

This system will provide Cumberland Solar Energy Association first hand knowledge of the Pro’s and Con’s of a DIY PV System.


Contact: Call (931) 287-9467 for information (or to check it out).


    A Map of Upper Cumberland Plateau PV Solar:
OR   Data Base of Near by PVsystems


Pic1 <Skid with Schott 235 Panels,

Enphase M190 Micro Inverters

and Unirac Rails  

With the power companies premium of $0.12 over the base rate, plus the base rate of $0.085 we should have a zero balance for our electric bill per year. 



. . Phase 3 Hot Water...  2015

 Location: 467 Lawson Road. Crossville, TN

Size: 765W (3 255 panels) (JC255M-24/Bb (255W)) Stand Alone Photovoltaic Solar System to power a Water Heater
         Just started and will post the outcome.  



Would you pay more for a home with solar panels?

Many people already are, according to two recent economic studies that found homes with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems sell for a premium over homes without solar panels.

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) released a report last month concluding that homes with solar panels sell for approximately 3 -4 percent more than their conventional counterparts – especially in areas with a large number of college graduates and registered Prius owners.

A study from the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which came out in April, discovered that solar panels boosted home prices by approximately $3.90 to $6.40 per watt or $17,000 for a 3,100-watt PV system.

Researchers conducted a pricing analysis of all 1.6 million single-family home sales in California from 2007-2012. Having a green certified home adds up to 9% to its appraised sales value.

2011Cumberland Solar Energy Association Solar Tour



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Or my data base of Near by PVsystems

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