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Tacky World of Teddy!  

 Disclaimer : The only way I make money from this, is by printing my own with this computer.


I'm in the money

Hmm. So much for using the iPhone 6+ new camera.

BUT, The Google owes me Big Money for driving by my house with Street View.

Want to take pictures in Nashville Metro Parks? It will cost you $125

The U.S. Forest Service has tightened restrictions on media coverage in vast swaths of the country's wild lands, requiring reporters to pay for a permit and get permission before shooting a photo or video in federally designated wilderness areas. (Permits cost up to $1,500)

I have pictures in both places and I'd post them if I wasn't in fear of a billing and late fees.


Did I hear this correctly?

“Google wants to provide a ‘seamless experience across all these connected devices,’ Android chief Sundar Pichai said at yesterday’s event in San Francisco. ‘We’re making everything contextually aware.

We want to know when you’re at home, with your kids.’

Sound like Stalking to me.

With my Nest, they already know when someone is at home!


Everybody’s Offended

Today's quote found.

"Everybody’s “offended” about something these days, 

If they’re not, They invent something to be offended about. "



BTW: I'm Staying home Monday :-)

The Monday morning after we change our clocks forward, the number of car crashes increases. The number of fatal, alcohol-related crashes increases. More people have heart attacks and get injured at work.


Heating usage this January 2013 compared to last January 2014.

Let's compare TackyTed's Nest energy use with a new AirEase 97% furnace from this January 2014 to January 2013. 

Last month the average temperature was 32°F and I used 13 fewer hours of heating than in January 2013, when the average temp was 41°F.

Your state used 87 more hours of heating. The country as a whole used 35 more hours of heating.


‎Day We Fight Back to Stop the NSA

Join the good fight to ‪#‎StoptheNSA‬ support ‪#‎TheDayWeFightBack.

Thousands of websites, tens of thousands of users are standing up for the digital rights and demanding an end to broad suspicion-less surveillance. We are asking people to call Congress, send emails, change avatars, Tweet, whatever you can think of to participate.


I'm Being Held Hostage to Heat My Home (Propane Gas)

I use propane to heat my home here in Tennessee. I do a prepay plan.  June of 2013 I paid $1.189.30 for 700 Gal Booked @ $1.69. 

On Jan 1st 2014 I need a tank fill. United Propane Gas came out and did a fill. Well only 250 gallons, that's only 62% fill of the normal 80%. They claimed we can only give you 250 gallons, Rationing. You can get more propane in Feb.

We it's now almost Feb.  So we called.   Suprise ......

Do to some BS story of this month. We have to charge you $3.09 per gallon this is $628.17 for 200 gallons.  So do you want your gas? Sure I said, you have me by the balls.

So now I look at the bill and it's for a new $628.17, that's correct  a new bill and they are not using any of the  monies they have in my account ($736.53)

Now this takes some Real Balls to charge me $628.17 when they have $736.53 of my monies.

Complaints against United Propane Gas mount

Propane customers feel gouged by company

Kentucky restraining order (PDF)

Here is how "the Google"  search comes back ....  What a crock  .....

upgas | Welcome to United Propane Gas

Low Everyday Propane Gas Prices • New Tanks for Sale, Lease or Rent • Excellent Friendly Service, Payment Plans • Trustworthy and with Integrity1 Google review · Write a review

4201 Cairo Rd, Paducah, KY 42001
(270) 442-5557



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