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Gasoline Prices

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I'm Being Held Hostage to Heat My Home (Propane Gas)

I use propane to heat my home here in Tennessee. I do a prepay plan.  June of 2013 I paid $1.189.30 for 700 Gal Booked @ $1.69. 

On Jan 1st 2014 I need a tank fill. United Propane Gas came out and did a fill. Well only 250 gallons, that's only 62% fill of the normal 80%. They claimed we can only give you 250 gallons, Rationing. You can get more propane in Feb.

We it's now almost Feb.  So we called.   Suprise ......

Do to some BS story of this month. We have to charge you $3.09 per gallon this is $628.17 for 200 gallons.  So do you want your gas? Sure I said, you have me by the balls.

So now I look at the bill and it's for a new $628.17, that's correct  a new bill and they are not using any of the  monies they have in my account ($736.53)

Now this takes some Real Balls to charge me $628.17 when they have $736.53 of my monies.

Complaints against United Propane Gas mount

Propane customers feel gouged by company

Kentucky restraining order (PDF)

Here is how "the Google"  search comes back ....  What a crock  .....

upgas | Welcome to United Propane Gas

Low Everyday Propane Gas Prices • New Tanks for Sale, Lease or Rent • Excellent Friendly Service, Payment Plans • Trustworthy and with Integrity1 Google review · Write a review

4201 Cairo Rd, Paducah, KY 42001
(270) 442-5557




Baby it's Cold outside


I moved to a Southern State with all them thar Hillbillys to get away from my past life living and working out in the cold. 

So what's up with this -8 I saw this morning. Where was that global warming when I needed it.

The news said bring in your pets to the warmth of your house.

So I brought in the cat and dogs in out of the cold, but the horse just couldn't fit through the door.


Working On It - New Year's Resolution



My New Year's Resolution is not waste my time doing direct posting to FaceBook, the Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat and all the others.  So far this working out just fine for me!

So now let me introduce you to Mr. TinMan Robotski.

He's my new personal assistant, that will post for me to all my Social Media accounts. 

He's was a bit rusty on the first day. By the second day he was doing a great job and I don't have to pay him be any Benefits.

After this auto posting works out for a period of time, TinMan Robotski and I will start to figure out a way to post replies in the coment sections of said social media posts.  Time will tell.


Happy new year we're rationing your propane

So the propane truck comes today and can only give me 250 gallons. The driver claims were under rationing for propane. He also claims that the Pres. Obama is paying national debt with China with propane.

I can only see this affecting the poor people that live day to day. As I can only see this driving up prices. I'm thankful I'm under a pre-paid plan.


Snow is in the eye of the beholder




This is what some call a Lovely Morning?




Maybe cute once a year.





But sure don't take long to see how Ugly it will turn.


The Esteemed Chump Award

With a Victory in hand. I now have in my possession the Esteemed Chump Award.

The Chump Award is now in my home and in my teary eyed view for hours on end. Now the time has come to place the Chump Award on a pedestal for all to view via a WebCam.

When this Esteemed Chump Award is out of my sight. Mr. Big Bubba Brown Bear has it sitting in his lap, Chained to his Massive Arm.


 Yes I know the masses are clamoring for a for a match. Thus I say bring them on!


Science from Santa


Science by Santa

Remember, Bad children get Coal!

Good kids get Solar Panels .......

Which are much more Fuel Efficient!

Thanks Santa

I needed 21 more and to think I allways got coal in the past years.

Credits: one of the Solar Blogs, sorry I forgot your link.

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