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Government ShutDown

How will Santa find my house if the Government shuts down 
Please keep it going,

I need the Coal to heat my house.

Let's Pay Furloughed Workers

Now I've been layed off, worked a four day week to avoid a layoff, locked out, and out of work because of government cuts and budget problems.
Never did I get payed for not going to work!
This ELECTED Government is Still Playing Games
As Ronald Reagan so wisely stated "gov't isn't the solution to your problems, gov't IS the problem".

It's Time to Layoff those Elected People in Washington (DC)

Tell these people!!!  that got SCREWED ...

Oct 4, 2013: The government shutdown is blocking the aisle for dozens of weddings scheduled in the Great Smoky Mountains in early and mid-October.

(Reuters) - American tourists visiting a D-Day cemetery in Normandy, northern France, expressed anger upon discovering that the white-cross memorial they had travelled thousands of miles to see was closed due to a U.S. government shutdown.

 And the Thousands more  .....

The federal government officially shut down for the first time in 17 years at midnight on Monday