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Outdoor Xmas Lites - More Power

It happens once a year, I forget myself and try to do something nice.

Thus I (WE) hang out a few (14,500) Christmas lights.




How it was over the years:

  • The 40's.    They Came.  Recovery near Roswell, NM of extra-terrestrial life forms.  Of course this was the typical government cover-up. 
  • The 50's.    America was Great.  Long live Rock 'N' Roll, Elvis lives down the road and is an old fart just like me. Poke ya with them car fins.
  • The 60's.    Pope runs the country. with JFK,  the original Hippies, not the copy cats we have today. We mooned the world along with Women's Lib,  Did I see you at Woodstock? More Power, Muscle Cars!
  • The 70's.    Nixon voted for him, no one else did when asked. He did get over 60% of the popular vote.  Made money on his statments as I did just the opposite of what he said. Shame you can't trust the words of those in power to day, WishWash.
  • The 80's.    Politically Correct  I missed that Memo. Lets not hurt someone's feelings, Let us raise a bunch of Wimps, we did and we're paying the price. When will Ronald Reagan be on Mount Rushmore?
  • The 90's.     Greed was Good  What's this WWW?
  • The 00's.    HotAir Green this Green that.
  • The 10's.    12 21 2012  We only have four years left (Now Days Left) to find BigFoot, before the END comes.  Note: “If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati.  Everything there comes ten years later.”  Frequently attributed to 176-year-old Mark Twain, this quote encapsulates how the city was viewed in the 19th century.


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