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I don't care about your farm, fish, park or mafia!

You hate these stupid posts!  I also DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR CAFE, ZOO, OR YOUR SORORITY!

3,136,015 People can't be wrong


Apple's 10 Billion Song Countdown

10 Billionth iTunes Song Countdown!
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In the next few days, iTunes will reach 10 billion song downloads. That's ten billion with a b. A one followed by TEN zeroes. That's a song for every person on the planet, plus an extra 3,300,000,000 songs left over. To mark the occasion, iTunes is giving a $10,000 iTunes giftcard to the lucky downloader of the 10 billionth track.

We have a winner! Apple announced on Thursday that (a 71-year-old retired real estate broker) Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, Ga., clicked the “Buy” button at an opportune time, downloading the 10 billionth song from the company’s iTunes Store since the site went active in April 2003. The fortuitous purchase makes Mr. Sulcer the winner of the iTunes Countdown to 10 Billion Songs, and he’ll receive a $10,000 iTunes gift card. The song? Johnny Cash’s “Guess Things Happen That Way.”


Lets Build Something Together®.

Lets Build Something Together®

The people at the store have always been more than helpful for the most part.

But after I swipe my card, I have yet to "Build Something Together" with them.  As you can see I really need the help. 

Livestock usually is a poor choice for a wedding gift



TackyTed's Idol

A true American Idol, one of the few people you can trust.  This guy tells it like it is and he has no agenda.  I knew y'all would guess it. Yep it's the good ole' tech grouch.

A centerpiece for the table should never be anything prepared by a taxidermist


iPad, what's in the name Apple?

The way the tech reporters are talking.  Apple has used a poor choice in it's naming of the iPad (pad).  If Apple would have talked to females (51 % of the population) they would have never used iPad for the tablet name. 

It seems that these teck guys are reporting that women only think of the use for  the word pad, only refers to "maxi pad".  Well then don't take a note on that pad of paper. Let's hope you never get transported to a hospital roofs helipad marked with a circle and a letter "H".  Now we know why NASA is on the chopping block for funds. It's the use of "launch pad" that did them in.

Apple used the name for branding. iPod iPhone iPad. It's a no brainer.

But the hidden fact just might be:

Think some suckers in the media will make reference to maxi pad.  I'm sure of it, remember that old SNL video on uTube.  Once the media gets wind of it, and the word pad in iPad, we'll get even more Free Press.

You tech reporters, just got used! Don't feel bad, you got it from the best in the business, Apple!


 iPad Prankster: Jason Calacanis

 iTalks About Tweets (07:18)


Here's a few definitions

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) -


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Protective gear


  • In electronics manufacturing, a flat surface used to make electrical contact. A special case is bonding pads, to which components are soldered
  • In audio and RF electronics, an attenuator
  • Pressure pad, sensitive to pressure
  • The iPad is a tablet released by Apple Inc.




You know You always wanted to Know (Something Smells)

I had to get away from the doom and gloom of the world for a bit. So this should stink up this site a bit. Fart'n

Facts About Your Farts

Source: Online Education


A News Years Resolution

My News Years resolutions - 新年伊始所作的新年规划, 新年的决心

  • Learn to speak Chinese, as they own US and the'll be here by 2013 running the show.

 憤世嫉俗的, 冷嘲的, 諷刺的