Is this why the annual tution hikes are put on the students every year???
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 9:31PM
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Officials at UT are wondering this morning, “at what price fame?” The firing of Derek Dooley as head football coach has drained the school’s athletic fund to a bare minimum. His contract included a $5M bailout, with a mitigation clause, which means if Dooley gets a new job today, he’s still paid the full amount by UT. The money will be in an escrow account and paid out monthly, as has happened with past coaches’s who’s contracts were bought out. School Athletic Director Dave Hart says that the school has reserves of $1.9 million.



In the real world if I was fired from a job, I would not get a penny!!! Yes he had a contract, and they should include clauses that if fired you DON'T GET A THING!!!!!

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